Chris and Haley – Sunrise Cruise Proposal in Positano

Sunset Cruise Proposal in Positano

This is one of my favorite Proposal Idea in Positano, an intimate Sunrise Cruise along the Amalfi Coast.

With the help of "PositanoProposal" we organized every detail of this wedding proposal, boarding in Positano at 6pm on September 19th 2020, fortunately the sea was very calm.

In September, the climate of the Amalfi Coast is wonderful, warm and sunny, the calm sea, the perfect combination for a romantic holiday.

At the chosen point, Chris got up, hugged Haley, and immediately knelt down asking her to marry him.

Each marriage proposal is a unique and indescribable emotion, the photos speak for themselves.

After the proposal we started our tour of the Amalfi Coast, seen from the sea it is more and more fascinating, and the sunset is unique.

Now I let you look at the photos, if you need some information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Andrea Gallucci - Destination Wedding Photographer- Amalfi Coast Positano Santorini Barcellona Rome Ravello Paris New York

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