Surprise Wedding Proposal

Best Ideas for an amazing Wedding Proposal

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Surprise Wedding Proposal Ideas

Best Surprise Proposal

Are you planning a Surprise Wedding Proposal? Or are looking for some ideas to celebrate your engagement and you need a local photographer for your engagement or proposal, you are on the right page.

My name is Andrea and I’m a destination photographer based in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

I’m featured on HOWTHEYASKED and on SHESAIDYES the two most important website for Surprise Wedding Proposal. 

Are you looking for the best surprise proposal ideas? You are on the right page!

Plan the perfect Surprise Proposal is not hard, but also is not really easy when you would like to do during your vacation and relaxing time.

I will be happy to assist you from the first step to the end of your Wedding Proposal.

We will start all with a video call to organize all the plan.

As you can see on my website, I’m based on the Amalfi Coast, but I’m available worldwide for Wedding and Engagement Proposal.

Below you can see some of my recent Best Surprise Proposal.

Andrea Gallucci - Destination Wedding Photographer- Amalfi Coast Positano Santorini Barcellona Rome Ravello Paris New York