Happy 2020

Best of my 2019

Instagram favourite 12 Photos and Video

Choose the best photo of the year is very difficult, I think it is impossible. Especially when you strongly believe in your work, and you love all your photos as part of yourself.

This year, for my first time, I want to list the best 12 photos of the year but I preferred to use Instagram statistics and not to choose them.
This means that I could show what my followers appreciated in this 2019.

It has been a very intense year for me, a year of changes and continuous study and research.
Like every year I have focused on my professional growth in order to offer the best to my customers.

2020 will be a year of continuous challenges.
I prefer to never stop and get always new adventures, new experiences, new reasons for improving.

Today, with this post, I want to thank those who for years trusted me, my work, but above all, my passion for photography.

I thank all the customers of this wonderful 2019.

All the couples that, in front of my eyes, have started a new path of life, with a unique marriage proposal, a wonderful engagement on the beach of Positano, unforgettable weddings. Who framed pregnancies, gender revels, and family vacations.

What will remain engraved in my heart on 2019?
Without a doubt meet wonderful people like you.
The place of 2019 that will remain forever in my heart is Santorini, a place that Is part of me, where I had the pleasure to shoot my first marriage proposal .

I wish you a great 2020 and that all your dreams will come true.

Please enjoy the 2019’s 12 most beautiful shots.

Andrea Gallucci - Destination Wedding Photographer- Amalfi Coast Positano Santorini Barcellona Rome Ravello Paris New York